Amplify Your
Marketing Power

Consider us more than just a consultancy - we are your marketing accelerators. Our mission is to invigorate your team's skills, infuse innovative energy into projects, and deliver tangible results even when time is scarce.

Accelerate Your Team's Efficiency

We can help you scale up your production and complete your projects efficiently by filling in knowledge gaps within your team. Our services include assistance with planning, procurement, and even building, allowing you to get your digital projects done without having to hire additional staff.

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  • For the marketing or communications team: We are your catalysts for momentum, helping to fuel, plan and execute projects that require that extra spark.

  • For the startup: We're your marketing growth partners, optimizing your operations and output with strategies and KPI's meticulously designed for expansion.

  • For the entrepreneur: We're your on-demand marketing experts. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to scope, strategize, and procure marketing services that amplify the value of your investment.

  • For the agency: we can support a client team to confidently deliver CRM, Marketing Automation and Web projects for small, to medium, and highly complex clients.

Our advantage

We're small, yet highly effective.

With a dynamic duo at our center, we extend our services through a network of talented freelancers in design, illustration, development, and UX. The result? A partnership that marries the rich knowledge of a full-service agency with the agility and cost-effectiveness of a freelancer.

Who we are

At the helm are Marcus and Vanessa Carlsson, two seasoned professionals with a passion for driving marketing success. With a combined 25+ years of experience across a multitude of industries, they bring a wealth of knowledge to every project, tailored to your unique needs.


Co-Founder / Digital Marketing Strategist

A commercially driven business development and marketing professional. Boasting a robust 14-year track record, Marcus excels in delivering audience growth, enhancing engagement, and amplifying ROI within dynamic businesses.

His international experience in marketing spans across the retail, real estate, and tourism sectors in Europe, the UK, the Middle East, and North America. This global perspective complements KMBC's mission to invigorate your team's skills and infuse innovative energy into your projects.


Co-Founder / Communications Strategist

A dedicated Marketing and Communications professional with a solid 11-year track record. Vanessa excels in formulating strategic solutions, driving share of voice, and shaping impactful narratives within diverse businesses.

Her experience spans across industries including property development, FMCG, entertainment, and fashion. This multifaceted perspective complements KMBC's mission to boost your marketing impact and accelerate your team's efficiency.

Our friends

After nearly two decades in the industry, we’ve made a lot of friends along the way. Spanning design, illustration, UX, development, and content strategy, we have the resources to assemble the perfect team for virtually any task at hand.

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What we do: Supercharge teams, bring innovation into projects, bridge knowledge gaps, and drive growth for businesses, entrepreneurs, and agencies, all with a commitment to effective marketing execution.

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